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During the last few weeks, children of Cochrane have had the opportunity to call the Santa Hotline in Cochrane and leave a message.

These are their messages;
Isaiah, who is 5-years old would like a Spiderman Action figure for Christmas.
Cassidy, Brooklyn, Easton and Dillon just called to wish Santa a ‘Very Merry Christmas’.
Layla also called, but she just wanted to wish Santa a ‘Merry Christmas’ as well.
9-year old Jennifer, who loves chickens, would like a magnifying glass for Christmas.
Ronald, who is 8-years old is asking for anything Lego this Christmas because he loves everything Lego.
All 6-year old Jaden wants for Christmas is a drone.
Lionel wants a toy T-Rex that can walk around the room.
Octavia has asked for a unicorn costume.
Ethan who is eight, would like a NERF gun, books and lego.
Domonic is 13-years old and he would like a PS5.
Eight year old Eve would like a Guinea pig.
Russel who is 6-years wants a glove controlled drone.
Ryker, three years old wants a pack of Dino eggs
Two year old Rayne would like Puzzles
Brody called and said he wants Godzilla and King Kong toys, the Hulk and a Shark Monster Truck. He is 5-years old.
Micai is six and wants clothes, books and toys. He also wants Minecraft stuff for his brother.
3-year old Oliver just called to say thank you and to wish Santa a Merry Christmas.
Zia is five years old and she would like a doctor set and a doctor set for her doll.
8-year old Dion is asking for a Raptor.
Abby is nine years old and she requested an elf on the shelf for her baby brother who is turning three in March.
Blake called to say that he has been sometimes good, sometimes naughty.  He promised to be really good until Christmas and is asking for a garbage truck, tools, lego ship and an airplane.
9-year old Elena would love an Ella doll and a new microphone.  She said that she hasn’t really been much of a good girl, she’s really sorry.
Adnan is four years old and he requested dinosaur toys.
Four year old Aiden would like a giant Superman from Winners.
Mason, 6, wants some new Hot Wheels for himself and a new Corvette for his dad.
Tina has asked for a Big Kitten toy and her brother Theo has requested a blue drill, because blue is his most favourite colour.
Eight year old Julianna has asked for Na Na Na Surprise!
Theo would like some dinosaurs for Christmas and his sister Kimmy would love to glitter paint, a new book and some makeup.
Carob, 14 years old asked Santa for Samsung Buds and a pair of Nike Air Force 1 in white, please.


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